About Vue Vixens Workshops

Vue Vixens is an initiative created by Jen Looper, a Cloud Developer Advocate Lead at Microsoft. Vue Vixens' mission is to create workshops to teach Vue.js in a cool and fun way to 'foxy people who identify as women'. We have chapters worldwide; find us at VueVixens.org. Vue Vixens workshops are called 'skulks' because a group of foxes is called a 'skulk'.

These self-driven workshops are designed to help people get better acquainted with Vue.js for both web and mobile development. Our teaching methodology is explained in this article.

inaugural skulk in New Orleans

The inaugural Vue Vixens Skulk at Vue.US Conference in New Orleans in March, 2018


What's the difference between a Chapter, a 'Mini', and a 'Nano'?

This content is presented as various types, divided by length. The first five chapters comprise the full-day workshop. Other chapters are listed as 'mini-workshops' or 'half-day workshops' and can be done ad hoc with groups for breakfasts, lunch'n'learn sessions, or meetups. Nanos are ten to thirty-minute warm-up icebreaker coding exercises used by our Chapters.

Why are the chapters broken up into parts?

All the online codelabs are designed to be completed in groups in a self-study mode in a workshop format during meetups, conferences, and brown-bag lunches. For the all-day workshops, it is best to break up the day into parts and regroup users periodically so that 'no developer is left behind'. If an attendee gets lost, she can 'reboot' by downloading the ending point for each previous chapter into a new Code Sandbox.

Where can I register for a skulk?

Workshop attendees and mentors can register for events at vuevixens.org. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed @vuevixens for announcements of upcoming events. Vue Vixens workshops are free, but depend on budget from conferences and meetups to provide lunch, breakfast, or snacks, and a space with wifi.

I'm a guy. Can I participate?

The goal of the program is to familiarize women and those who identify as such with concepts of programming for web and mobile using Vue.js in a supportive and inclusive environment. Experienced Vue developers, however, are very welcome to join in our efforts to organize events, support our scholarship fund, mentor a skulk, and provide content. We are grateful for all kinds of help!