# Contributing Instructions

Below you'll find instructions to make a contribution to this repo.

# Steps

  • Identify an issue on the repo that you would like to work on, and comment in the issue that you will take it.

  • Fork the main or master branch of the repo, to bring a copy into your GitHub account.

  • Create a working branch of the app, name the branch with the issue number as the prefix. (Example: 152-gh-readme is a branch with a solution to issue Create separate Readme for Github #152.)

  • Follow the installation instructions to run the app or site locally so you can test your work.

  • Once your work is ready for code review, create a Pull Request against the dev branch of the FrontEndFoxes repo. Example: FrontEndFoxes:dev <= novellac:152-gh-readme

  • When creating your Pull Request, please fill in the Pull Request template questions as best you can.

  • You've created your PR! 🎉 Someone on the core team will be messaged about your PR and will review it. You may be notified of comments or additional change requests on your PR, or it may be ready to ship and the code reviewer will merge it.

# Attention

  • If your Pull Request creates new content, be sure to update config.js with the new route(s).